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olejek cbd(non-registered)
Kyle Oleynik(non-registered)
I began by learning about .bmp, .jpg. There is also software that can modify the layers of the image and make photos that can be used on shopping stores.
Kyle Oleynik(non-registered)
Hello :) Photography is a great topic. There are many different types of photos and when people learn about the formats of the photos they become more proficient when working on documents for the office and work.
Megan J(non-registered)
Can't wait to see my photos! Thanks again so much for doing this! I'm usually the photographers for every special event, but I wanted to make sure all my specials friends were captured. Thanks for being a part and making it fab!
Trevor Williams(non-registered)
You guys kick ass!
Ashton Sterling Photography
Hi #2,

Sorry, we were not at that game. Things have been a little busy lately.

Greg & Kim
seaborn #2 austin vipers(non-registered)
Do u have any pics from when we played the Houston gamblers in round rock.
Ashton Sterling Photography
Hi Coleen, We would be very happy to take photos of you and Rico. Let us know when you would like to have the session and where, your house...our studio...somewhere else. We will discuss the pricing in person. Also, anyone that has a photography session with us gets a package price on prints!
Coleen Hargis(non-registered)
amazing photos. Man you guys are good. If Rico and I get a portrait made can you make me look thinner? How much would it be for a professional photo of Rico and I?
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